Nari performing at the Beit Jammal monastery.

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The Arrows of Venus

Venus. Wife to the god of fire, lover to the god of war, mother to the messenger of desire. A multi-faceted goddess of extreme human emotion. The naive hail her as bringer of heartwarming love, the miserable and lovesick fear and curse her as an evil witch and cruel twister of human fate. But the wise remember her affair with Mars and realize that Love and War are often two sides of the same coin.

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Love and Prejudice

In this program, we embark on a musical journey through love stories from the English repertoire of the early 18th century. We bear the anguish of one-sided love, enjoy the thrill of experiencing lust for the first time, feel the endless pleasure of falling in love, and most importantly - laugh when we come across the exquisite English humor.

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